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Counseling Solutions accepts and supports the special needs of each individual within his/her natural setting and provides the services necessary for each person to function, prosper and be fully included in the community. To address a problem best, the behavior and its causes must be understood. Behavior problems are minimized through positive reinforcement techniques and the exploration of meaningful and interesting activities. There are many opportunities to learn, practice, and develop social skills.


The services work to stretch the limits of the clients' potential. In order to enrich their quality of life, we work to develp their strengths, discover their interests, and find meaningful activities for them and their families within their level of ablity and talent.



Behavior Management Services


Behavior Modification

Stress Management


Parenting Groups

Support Groups for Siblings

Family and Couples Therapy


The Primary Purpose of Behavior Management

Behavior management services are designed for use and practice in the most natural setting, preferably in coordination with other professionals.  It is intended to help parents and care providers understand behavior management techniques. In addition, it provides the skills to assist the individual to overcome his/her behavioral challenges.


Exposure to structure, caring environments and efficient behavior management systems preferably begins at an early age.  Specific interventions are tailored to each individual and family to positively influence the person in regards to his/her functioning in academic, language, social, perceptual, sensory and self-help areas. By becoming more socially appropriate, the individual is better able to understand the world he/she lives in.


Therefore, Counseling Solutions is committed to educating, training and assisting individuals  with behavior management and intervention services.  Counseling Solutions recognizes the following:


  • A need to decrease behavior problems (aggression, tantrums, self-injury, non-compliance,  etc.) by teaching the individual socially appropriate replacement behaviors

  • A need for education and assistance for parents and other caretakers to maintain socially appropriate behaviors through positive reinforcement strategies

  • A need to develop healthy, stimulating and nurturing environments, so family members and caregivers are able to enhance and maintain appropriate behaviors

  • A need to improve the individual's functioning skills in the following areas; attention, compliance, self-help, appropriate play, socialization, receptive/expressive communication, safety awareness, community involvement and identification of basic needs


1.  To identify the specific problems of an individual and his/her family and support system, and to create uniquely tailored solutions for that family


2.  To educate parents and care providers that behavior problems have a function for the individual.  Typically, the behavior problem enables the client to:

      A)  Gain attention

      B)  Seek escape/avoidance from tasks

      C)  Gain access to tangibles or activities

      D)  Seek sensory input


3.  To instruct parents and care providers that reinforcing socially appropriate behaviors and communication will decrease the intensity and frequency of behavior problems


4.  To teach parents and care providers that new skills and replacement behaviors will need to be simplified into small steps and systematically reinforced




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