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 Behavior Management

Welcome to Counseling Solutions for Children and Families!


Counseling Solutions for Children and Families was founded in 2001 by Dr. I.T. Maung, Ph.D. Counseling Solutions specializes in behavior management treatment for individuals with autism and other related developmental disorders.


CSCF's goal is to significantly improve the lives of children, adolescents, and young adults and their families. Every individual and family is unique and has different needs and strengths. Counseling Solutions customizes each program to the needs of the family it serves.  CSCF's staff is very dedicated and works with great integrity and ethics. With our strong commitment to our beliefs, Counseling Solutions is successful in providing the best behavioral consultation services to our clients.


CSCF utilizes Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to support evidence based treatments in the person's natural environment, such as the home, school and community.


Parent education and involvement are key components in CSCF's approach. Consistently working together with the parents or caregiver is the key to successfully change behaviors. The child, adolescent or young adult is usually seen for three hours a week in the presence of his/her family. 





Family Therapy

Individual Therapy


Behavioral Management

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