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Home Based and Community Services


Home Based

Counseling Solutions offers Home Support Services, we believe that every child can learn. In order to achieve their full potential, children with autism and other disablities need people who understand their motivation and can break down goals into tasks that they can accomplish. Even complex behaviors can be analyzed to identify ways to promote adaptive behavior and reduce maladaptive behaviors, step by step.


Community Services

Like everyone else, individuals with autism or an intellectual disablity; and their families have things to do. Whether it’s commuting to work, engaging in extracurricular activities or going on vacation, their needs are similar to other people. But, some things that are easy for most people to do may be challenging to those living with autism or other disabilities.


Counseling Solutions professionals will play a pivital role to assist the parent in the public sector by teaching skills:


  • Getting around your community

  • Staying safe

  • Socializing and participating in activities

  • Knowing safety signs

  • Making choices in public

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