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Our Behavior Management Specialists

Our Team of Professionals is dedicated to provide the best behavioral consultation services to our clients. The staff at Counseling Solutions is highly trained, motivated and brings integrity and a strong work ethic to each home.  With parent collaboration, we bring excellence in services  to every family on a daily basis.  

Iqbal Maung, PH.D.

Founder & President of  Counseling Solutions

Iqbal Maung, Ph.D. founded Counseling Solutions for Children and Families in 2001. Born in Burma, he lived in England and Canada before coming to the US. He speaks Gujarati, Urdu, Burmese and English. Dr. Maung received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from William Lyon University in San Diego, his M.A. from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, and his Bachelor of Science (honors), Psychology from the University of London, England.

Dr. Maung is a Clinical Psychologist, a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor, and a Certified Biofeedback Therapist. He also holds a certified Diplomate in Neurofeedback and he is certified in Clinical Hypnosis.

Dr. Maung always enjoyed teaching, and throughout his career, he has led professional training groups for mental health practitioners and functioned as a consultant in Europe, Canada and the US. He was teaching at Pepperdine University Graduate School, Ryokan College, and University of California, Irvine Medical Center.

Before founding Counseling Solutions for Children and Families, Dr. Maung was in private practice and worked as a court mediator for the Superior Court of Orange County. He was a reviewer of In-and-Out-Patient services for Managed Health Network and Value Behavioral Health. He has also held positions as Executive Director at the Behavioral Medicine Center in West Los Angeles, Clinical Supervisor at The Institute for Advanced Training in Experiential Psychology, and as Pain Management Specialist at Vocation Inc. in Glendale and KTH Clinics in Anaheim. He functioned as the program director for residential and social rehabilitation services at the Portal House in Los Angeles. 

At Counseling Solutions for Children and Families, he has trained his staff of 35 to 40 people in behavioral management that integrates the child's natural environment and social system, such as family, relatives, school, and community. Counseling Solutions serves San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Gabriel County. Consultations and private treatment outside those areas are available as well.


Our Behavior Management Specialists are a highly trained and motivated team of professionals.  They use teamwork to work with each family and their children on their behavioral issues.  Our goal is for each child and family to reach its maximum potential.  The team consists of Psychologists,  Board Certified BehaviorAnalysts, Behavior Specialists, Teachers, Conflict Management Specialists, Biofeedback Therapists, Hypnotherapists, and Marriage and Family Therapists.

Trinidad Estrada, BHS

Senior Behavior Management Consultant, Program Coordinator


Trinidad Estrada is a Senior Behavior Consultant at Counseling Solutions, West Covina.  She has devoted the majority of the past 15 years of her career to work with the developmentally disabled population in various settings such as group homes and day programs, and she has functioned as an ILS Program Manager for a non-profit organization. Trinidad holds a Bachelor of Science in human services and she has extensive knowlede and experience in applied behavior analysis. Her bi-cultural background, as well as her focus on community collaboration, has led her to volunteer opportunities and leadership roles within the Hispanic community.  For years, she has conducted group support meetings to empower parents with children with disabilities.  She speaks English and Spanish and is currently learning French.  

At Counseling Solutions, Trinidad has contributed to the growth of the company by training and mentoring staff while providing quality behavioral services to the clients we serve. Trinidad is a firm believer in integrating behavior management in the child’s natural environment, as this practice has proven to be very effective in modifying interfering behaviors.  She is very passionate about working with people with special needs and making a positive difference in their lives. On her free time,  she enjoys researching a plethora of evidence based practices, as well as recreational reading. She currently resides in Ontario, CA with her husband and daughter, serving families in the surrounding areas.



Denise Marmolejo, B.S. Psychology

Senior Behavior Management Consultant, Program Coordinator


Denise Marmolejo joined Counseling Solutions in 2010 as a Behavior Consultant. She was promoted to Senior Behavior Management Consultant in 2015 and has been supervising a team of consultants since then. Denise earned her Bachelors of Science degree from University of La Verne and has professional and academic training in applied behavior analysis. Through this role, Denise is responsible for maintaining a caseload of her own and providing staff development, through on-going trainings and direct support.


Denise has been working with the special needs population since 2001 as a Paraeducator for Los Angeles County office of Education, dealing with emotionally disturbed youth and individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities. Shortly after, she began working as an ILS Instructor, providing individual & family support services that included, educating, assisting and monitoring individuals in the provision and coordination of needed support system services, in their natural environment. Parenting Support Services, were also rendered, working with parents with special needs or parents of special needs children.


Denise’s varied experience, landed her a position as an Adult Education Instructor, simultaneously working for both, Baldwin Park Unified and Pomona Unified.  Classes she taught included, Parent Education, Mommy & Me, Family Fitness, and Job Strategies for a forensic population as well as classes for adults with disabilities.


To expand her personal and professional development, in 2002 Denise enlisted in the Navy Reserves for an 8-year term.  She served in a unit that mobilized and demobilized reserve sailors and officers for Operation Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan.  During her tenure, she achieved the rank of Second Class Petty Officer (YN2), and was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal for earning Reserve Sailor of the Year. Denise held various leadership positions most notably as, Lead Petty Officer and Command Fitness Leader.

Victor Velasquez, M.A.

Senior Behavior Management Consultant, Program Coordinator


My name is Victor Velasquez and I joined Counseling Solutions in 2017. I obtained a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Learning and Teaching with an Emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). I completed my ABA course work along with 1500 hours of direct 1:1 ABA therapy and 75 supervised hours by a BCBA. I am BCBA eligible and looking forward to taking BCBA exam. My goal is to share the knowledge and experience I've gained in ABA to improve the quality of life and make social significant change in the families and communities we work in. The most difficult and best part of our job is having families graduate Dr. Maung's  behavioral program. Leaving families with the tools and resources along with the know how to modify behavior is a lifetime reward families are grateful for. I look forward to furthering my knowledge and experience to help those in need.

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