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Learn how to do Behavior Management independently. Below is a Video Series for Parents with Special

The videos below are not strictly for parents with Autism. These techniques and approaches that will help Parents with Children with Autism, Down Syndrom, and other intellectual disabilities. These stradegies work at home, school and the community.

Reinforcement Stradegies: This video defines and gives examples of different types of reinforcers. The video also describes the proper way to deliver reinforcers and provides suggestions to ensure that reinforcers maintain their interest to the child.

Prompting: This video defines and gives some examples of different types of prompts including physical, modelling, gestural, visual, positional, and verbal prompts. The video also includes a discussion of prompt hierarchies as well as prompt fading.

Discrete trial: This video provides an overview of the components of a discrete trial -- the discriminative stimulus, the response from the child or prompt from the therapist, and finally, reinforcement or correction.

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